Enjoy the Music.TV is your source for music, high-end audio videos and live broadcasts.†
Enjoy the Music.TV is your source for music, high-end audio videos and live broadcasts. 

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About Enjoy the Music.TV


  Enjoy the Music.TV and sister publication Enjoy the Music.com are the Internet's industry leading information sites for high fidelity audio information, reviews and show reports including home and mobile devices, digital music downloads and more since 1995. Enjoy the Music.TV brings to the mix videos from high fidelity audio companies, musicians, recording studios, DJs and highlights the many facets of the worldwide music industry. Enjoy the Music.com has received critical acclaim worldwide with like-minded audio publications both in print and online plus the President of the Consumer Electronics Association. Being affiliated with seven prominent print publications, plus offering its own Review Magazine and over 175 show reports online, Enjoy the Music.com is the leading Internet authority for diverse information serving music lovers worldwide. Enjoy the Music.TV adds an additional seven online publications as partners plus both sites are media sponsors of high fidelity audio events including AXPONA, California Audio Show, TAVES, T.H.E. Show Newport Beach and the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest.



Enjoy the Music.com is the only specialty audio site with its own Internet browser, RSS feed, Android and Windows Phone 7 / Windows 8 applications so their readership can easily find information they desire. Music enthusiasts can find us on all leading social media sites including Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Enjoy the Music.com is official Internet partners with The Absolute Sound, Australian Hi-Fi Magazine, CANADA HiFi, Hi-Fi+, Hi-Fi Media, Hi-Fi World, HIFICRITIC, and legacy publications Sound Practices and VALVE magazine.

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What Our Partners Say
"AXPONA 2014 is very pleased to be the launching pad for the new site Enjoy the Music.TV from Steven R. Rochlin," said Stephen Davis, VP Sales & Industry Relations of the AXPONA event. "Enjoy the Music.com has always produced high quality reporting and coverage that was and still remains to this day far ahead of its time. With the launch of Enjoy the Music.TV, it will no doubt be the site to watch for coverage of all things related to our great industry. AXPONA is overjoyed to have this new site streaming full coverage of new and innovative events plus their addition to the AXPONA 2014 event."

"We at Dagogo and California Audio Show are excited to be partners with Steven R. Rochlin's launch of Enjoy the Music.TV channel," said Constantine Soo, Editor of Dagogo and President of the California Audio Show. Steven is a visionary of our time and we look forward to working with him closely."

"We wish everyone with Enjoy the Music.TV well with the new venture," said Richard Beers, President of T.H.E. Shows Las Vegas & Newport. "It sounds extremely exciting and if anyone can pull it off, it is Enjoy The Music.com and Enjoy the Music.TV! We here at T.H.E. Shows Las Vegas and Newport have attempted our darnedest to attractive a new 'listening audience' and folks who appreciate all the latest developments in high-end audio. We look forward to working with Enjoy the Music.TV on this new project. No one keeps up with media advances like Steven R. Rochlin. Canít wait to see whatís next!"

"HIFiMedia is very excited to become a part of Enjoy the Music.TV, a new effort by Steven R. Rochlin," said Andrija Curkovic, Editor-in-Chief of HiFi Media. "We expect Enjoy the Music.TV and its affiliates to find its way to broader public and audio and music lovers. This approach open new windows of opportunities and may prove particularly useful for small markets such ours."

"Rocky Mountain Audio Fest is delighted to join Enjoy the Music.TV in celebrating the introduction of a new technological advancement," said Show Director Marjorie Baumert. "I can always count on Steven R. Rochlin to bring groundbreaking toys to RMAF. At this year's RMAF he introduced the Dub Bot and there are plenty of YouTube videos that recorded the surprise! I heard from people all over the world about how much they enjoyed the videos and especially the live interactive demo in the CANJAM room. At RMAF 2014, Enjoy the Music.TV will be here at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest transmitting a full day so everyone can enjoy the new products and interviews of the cast of characters within this industry. Please join me in congratulating Enjoy the Music.TV's launch and a creative avenue to reach a larger audience."




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